Outdoor Sonance Patio System with Sonos AMP


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  • Outdoor Sonance Patio System with Sonos AMP
  • Outdoor Sonance Patio System with Sonos AMP
  • Outdoor Sonance Patio System with Sonos AMP
  • Outdoor Sonance Patio System with Sonos AMP

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The Patio Outdoor Sonance Solution is the perfect setup for small outdoor areas. It consists of four 3.5" Satellite Speakers and one 8" semi in-ground Subwoofer. All powered and controlled by a Sonos AMP. 

The Sonance Satellite speakers blend in perfectly with landscape gardening making them almost invisible yet provide a broader sound-stage than traditional solutions.

The setup is designed to cover areas approximately 100 square meters in size giving an even sound throughout the space with no hot of cold zones.

The Sonance Patio and Landscape series are designed for those who want a perfect sound platform throughout a large outdoor area, where you music can be heard at a constant level no matter where you are situated. We have all been at those homes where a single or dual speaker system is blasting music from a single location, at a high level so it reaches other parts of the outdoor area. This results in a "hot" area near the speakers themselves that become intolerable to stand near or pass by.

Another benefit of these systems if the ability to direct sound internally. No more do you have to blast loud music to the far reaches of your outdoor area, as this also carries to your neighbors and neighbor neighbors. By directing the speakers inwards and with an even coverage, your music seems louder to you and quieter to your neighbors.

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Note: Does not come with speaker cabling. Lite Automation recommends 14 gauge outdoor speaker cable available here


Included is this package is:

4 * 3.5" Satellite speakers

1 * 8" Subwoofer

1 * Sonos AMP

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